An ode to displacement by the legendary shaper/glasser Tristan Mausse (A.K.A. Fantastic Acid). His description below:

"...The subtlety of the elements, the reminders, the communion between Nat and the board. The refined movements absorbing the hull in a plume of disproportionate speed, soft and fluid, of impregnated power! In an open-air ballet, where the dancer lets the board fulfil its destiny of radiant and sharp curves, the board dictating the trajectory, and the trajectory is perfectly in sync with the water..."
It is a universe that I adopted, a precise conjuncture in the history of surfing to which I clung. I was immersed in the twists and turns of a design that would change my life forever...

Displacement Myth Approach, is a paper archive in a book form from the Fantastic Acid surfboard brand, however this is
more than just an archive it’s a study and thorough research from 2018-2021 around the design of “Displacement Hull”. Photos and texts in English and French.
Book of 450 Pages, 15X23cm hard cover. Cream paper with black and white print. Price 40 Euros. Available only in selected stores or on www.fantasticacid.com

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