9'4 Creme Californian from wild things/Gato Heroi

With a beautiful candy pink bottom and a translucent pink deck. Also features volan deck and fin patch, step-nose, and a wedge stringer.


This has been a shop favourite longboard that is incredibly stable on the nose while still retaining the speed and sensitivity that Gato Heroi surfboards are known for.


"The Californian is the perfect summer longboard, an incredible noserider that still turns really nicely off the tail. The parallel outline and fuller mid section ending in slightly kicked tail combine to make for dynamic noseriding. The scooped nose reduces swing weight through turns as well as providing flex when you’re up the front of the board. The Californian is wide and stable, yet somehow still holds in nicely on steeper sections. A Classic California log essence has been refined for trimming from centre, control on the nose and quick pivot turns. We have all been surfing it non-stop and highly recommend!!"

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