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41 Gould st,

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Tues-Fri, 10am-5pm

Sat-Sun, 10am-4pm

Surf Dependent

Shaper Q & A - Haydn Lewis

Shaper Q & A - Haydn Lewis


Growing up in Lennox Head on Australia's East coast, Haydn took to the water at a young age. He embraced surfing all types of boards, from Hi-Performance designs to any alternative board he could get his hands on.

While completing a carpentary apprenticeship, Haydn started shaping in a bay under his house. From the grass-roots beginning his passion grew and he decided to turn his skills into shaping foam full time, working for a handful of the world's most decorated shapers.

A culmination of all these years reflects Haydn's dedication to core surfing and his focus on innovative board design, it's function and quality. The goal with his collection of boards is to provide surfers at all levels with the most advanced designs to help progress their surfing and achieve the most enjoyment in whatever surf conditions are on offer.

Whats your name and what do you do?

Haydn Lewis. I surf, design and shape for Haydn Lewis Designs

How long have you been shaping for?

I started shaping timber as an apprentice carpenter at the age of 15 and foam came soon after

What drew you to shaping surfboards?

My dad made boards under our house

What was the first board you shaped? Did your ideas translate into something that worked how you thought it would?

It was a 5'4 pointy nose, rounded square. I didn't have much experience and that's how it surfed. It did have a cool spray, which made it go better

How has shaping changed over the years you've been involved in the industry?

Providing a better global service for team and customers. Shapers still deal with inconsistency, but their designs are within ballpark

Who is your favourite surfer to shape boards for?

I shape for some of the world’s best surfers but I get just as stoked making boards for anyone who is passionate about their surfing.

What waves would you say are best suited to your designs?

Horses for courses

What do you think has been the biggest step forward in surfboard design in the last 20 years?

The obvious are machines and materials on commercial levels. Grubby Clark said that modern board builders have a long road ahead, with this comes a lot of responsibility and environmental hurdles. I agree

Who are your biggest influences shaping or otherwise?


What do you think is the next evolution in terms of board design?

Wave pools and the quality and consistency of waves some are creating is exciting. Great platform for fine tuning new designs.

Whats your favourite thing to do when not surfing or shaping?

Depends how I feel on the day

Favourite board you've ever ridden?

I think that of every new stick of late, like to keep the flame burning

Do you experiment with non conventional materials?

I have but in a non commercial way

Are there any shapes or designs that haven't been fully explored yet?

I think that about most designs I see

If you could take one board on a surf trip around the world, what would it be?

It's hard not to travel with a good go to shorty. There will always be a grovel fun board, fish or longboard you can borrow from someone, somewhere. Great way to explore new ideas